Nun of the Above
All of this was done in 25 years. I wrote most of the songs from 2004 to 2010. And I recorded most of them twice. Just A few songs are older than this, And some newer songs too... I put these tracks together with a keyboard and computer. I have had mental and physical conditions that have made it really hard to play things in 'real time'. I am playing electric guitar on certain tracks. I got better at singing by standing on the corner of MLK and Houston, and singing to the traffic. I did that every day for a few weeks, during a couple of summers. I produced these six albums from 2020 to early 2024. I learned how to build my website at Chattanooga State.
"The Darkness Of The Light" Lyrics

"The Coffee Shop" Lyrics

"Round Planet" Lyrics

"The Language" Lyrics

"Spinning Conversation" Lyrics

"The Living Room" Lyrics

"Healing My Soul" Lyric

All things work together for good
for those who Love...
With Love all things are possible.
Love hopes all things.
Love believes all things.
Love endures all things.
... All things are yours,
whether the world, or life, or death,
or things present, or things to come.
All are yours.

All Trey Forbes songs are registered with
The United States Copyright Office,
Most of them more than once.