River of Sadness

Seeing in a world of darkness,
listen to the river running through my bones.
Flowing through the eyes of a stranger,
looking at the freedom of an open door.

--Love is a river of sadness.
Love is a river of things unknown.
Love is a river of kindness.
Love is a river of the everlasting
words of hope that are streaming down
from the eyes of one who is love and kindness
open to the thoughts of a world that is open to
the things I know.--

Running in the wind of the shadows.
Whispering the riddle of the things unknown.
Waiting for the shelter of freedom.
Resting in the hope of the things undone.

Staring through the eyes of a stranger.
Empty in the vision of forgotten love.
Remembering the motion if kindness.
Listen to the freedom of the open door.
Trey: Vocal, Bass / Tom Cramer: Guitar / Kitty Forbes: Harmony Vocals / Fred Satterfield: Drums
© Pau 2-880-608 2004 = PAu 3-613-540 2012