In Love With a Girl

Today was the day when my friend came to say
that he never believed it was true
that an awe stricken lad with the fears that I had
Could end up with a woman like you

your the Queen of the crazies who rest in the daisies
and dream of the heavens above
The smile in your eyes lifts me up to the skies
and I dance with the nature of love

--Living in love with a girl
Like the King and the Queen of the world
Singing and bringing and blessing and rising
That love is the hope of the world--

The blessing in life with a comforting wife
Is to see by the light of the day
The wrong or the right of the dreams in the night
Can be seen in a positive way

The Preacher is teaching a message for reaching
The Heart of the good and the bad
He teaches a verse called for better or worse
And he speaks of the world that we have
Trey: Vocal, Bass / Walter Forbes: Guitars © Pau 3-091-140 2007