Everybody Lives in My Brain

┬ęTrey Forbes

--Everybody lives in my brain.
Welcome to my future it's so nice to be insane.
I can't quit thinking of you, you're with me all the time.
I think I'll have a party in my mind.--

Well I look good on the surface,
but I grew up down below.
Beyond the missing person that no one seems to know.
I've got memories of the future that are hidden in my brain.
I don't see a reason to complain.

I never stop believing in the people that I know,
Because I love the future it's the only place I go. I got memories of the person that was left out in the rain.
Only blessed memories remain.

So I turn the light on and I let the party go. I look into the future for the people that I know.
I got a future for my memories that I can not explain,
Everybody love to be insane... Ha Ha Ha Ha
Trey Forbes: Software Instruments and Vocal
Fred Schendel: (keyboard)Drums
A New Arrangement;Trey Forbes: Software Instruments and Vocal