Please God

┬ęTrey Forbes

Please God, help me with my heart. Give me everlasting love
to be with you God. Give me everlasting love.
Let the waters of the rain of love flow though my heart.

The old man wonders softly on the sidewalk though the dark.
His gentle eyes look silently at the river in the park.
There's a woman with a blanket where the daily news is read.
She thinks about her childhood and she wishes she was dead.
The skies above call quietly after several days of rain.
The city streets are steaming from the anger and the pain.

Help me. Forgive me for the things I see. Show me the hopes
and dreams in your heart God. Show me your hopes and dreams.
Let the vision of the light of love flow though my eyes.

A little boy is praying through the window at his school.
He never fights his classmates and he never breaks a rule.
He hears the school bell ringing and he hears his teachers call.
The children leave the classroom and they wonder down the hall.

Shut me in, shut me out. Tell me what life's about. Show me the love
I need to find your heart God. Show me the love I need.
Let the visions in my heart be with you God.
Trey Forbes: Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocal