Coffee Shop Girl

©Trey Forbes

Candy’s daydreaming in a small coffee shop
religiously drinking a cream soda pop
her worries exceeding her number of years
but she don’t believe in the sum of her fears

She’s a mellow time lover from days in the past
she’s seen all the good times that never would last
one thing she knows and believes to be true
the world only changes as much as you do

You want to be certain you want to be true
as much as you can for the things that you do
There’s so many reasons to live in this world
That’s a matter of fact for the coffee shop girl

She dreams of a beautiful place in the sun
where butterflies flicker around every one
and the music she hears from somewhere in her dream
brings her right back to the coffeeshop scene

She hopes for the future in every way
certainly someone has time for today
I think that it’s wise to believe in yourself
take care of your heart and take care of your health