Multiple Mentality

©Trey Forbes

I occupy my mind just a thinking all the time
I don’t really know what I will do
I’d like to tell you how it feels just a spinning all my wheels
I’d like to take some time to think it through

--I’ve got multiple mentality relative reality
imaginary feelings that are true
I’ve got loose associations about every situation
I don’t know where I am going to--

My life is animation, just a mental generation
A picture perfect world of all my own
A medical condition affecting all my intuition
I’m more that just myself when I’m alone

I got medical enhancers I get all the easy answers
All I have to do is take a pill
But the questions that I find rolling round inside my mind
They all seem to me to be so real
Trey Forbes: Software Instruments and Vocal
Fred Schendel: (keyboard)Drums