No Trouble at Home

©Trey Forbes

-I got my time in your reason
You got my love in jail
I want a trip to your season
I’m talking love for sale
There is no question of favor
I want to sell my soul
You are the ultimate savior
Come on and take control

---I got no trouble at home
Nobody knows me there
I give them my reasons
They don’t care--

-My love is rightly divided
I am the queen of the hill
Because my world has collided
With the pain that kills
I am the daughter of Satan
I have a home in hell
I have three wishes in heaven
Come on and make me well

-I got my eyes on you Jesus
You got a beautiful mind
(the movie)
You are the lover that frees us
I give you all of my time
I have no rights in this prison
You are my lover of choice
You are my only decision
I want to hear your voice