Listening to the Wind

One Sunday evening I was walking in the winter wonder
The wind was whispering and then I heard the sound of thunder
The wind was telling me the night was getting closer
I wondered if the wind was telling me the answer

---To the mysteries of the days that went through my emotions
My thoughts had wondered far beyond my own devotions
To the wonder of the time when people came together
and told each other that their hearts would be forever in love---

When I was younger I would hope for every season
The wind would change and I would listen for a reason
So I could understand the changes in the weather
Maybe then the wind would carry me forever

The wind turned colder and the thunder sounded closer
I turned my collar then I headed for the shelter
The winter wonder seemed to settle for a minute
I wondered if the wind was telling me the secret
Trey: Vocal, Guitars, Bass / Fred Satterfield: Drums © PAu 2-897-439 2004