A Letter of Love

I began to love you
from the time that I first began to see you
And all the times I see you again
I’ve wondered how to bless you
and when ever I don’t see you I think deeper
Then I look at you in different ways

---You don’t know how it is to be with out you
But I won’t stop my care for all my years
In my mind I’m always searching for you
Thinking of a way to be your friend---

You left me out to wonder through
the world you have made in creation
Now I know what is hidden in the earth
I’ve gathered precious thoughts for you
and hid them in the wonders of my time
Add them to the riches of your heart

I must complete the work of my life
and return it to the earth
I’ll give you everything that I’ve found for you
I’m going to another place
remembering the days that I wept for you
It wasn’t that my life was spent in vain
Trey: Vocal, Guitar, Bass / Fred Satterfield: Drums © PAu 2-897-439 2004