Stolen Words

I don’t have a reason to think of who you are
The way that you’ve been talking goes a little bit too far
I don’t like the meanings that are in the words you say
I don’t ever want to take a look at you that way

---So gather your emotions in the place of your desire
Take them to the temple Burn them in the fire
I’ll wake you in the evening and I’ll look into your eyes
And talk about the secrets how that no one ever lies---

Hiding in the darkness with shadows on your face
Trading stolen secrets to unlock the words of grace
Have you ever wondered about the meaning of a word
Spoken in the languages that no one ever heard

Talking in a riddle is really such a tease
Hiding in the meaning that no one ever sees
The other side of evening is the darkness of the day
The darkness turns into the light and shadows pass away
Trey: Vocal, Guitar, Bass / Fred Satterfield: Drums © PAu 2-897-439 2004