The Other Side of Heaven

Watching the reflections through a window
That only you and I would ever know
Exchanging precious words of our affection
Separate from each other even though…

---Love in intrigues my mind in your emotion
What are we to be together for?
No one understanding my devotions
I want to be with you forever more---

Words of gentle love we share between us
Precious thoughts that I have never known
Passing though the sacred gates of Heaven
Each of us the other side alone

Will I find the other side of Heaven
Questioning my teardrops as I cry
If I can never touch you as I see you
I know my gentle heart will surely die

I don’t know the secrets of our union
How could I be with you even so
There’s only the reflections in the mirror
Speaking words that no one else would know
Trey: Vocal, Guitar, Bass / Fred Satterfield: Drums © PAu 2-897-439 2004