I look into my heart but I can’t see you there
I can’t find the reasons you don’t seem to care
Outside of your love is a cold and lonely place
I look into the shadows as they dance across your face
You can’t see the reasons why I feel so far away
My thoughts will slowly wonder through the shadows of the day

---Shadows of the evening stretch across the lonely sky
They don’t give you reasons they just let the days go by
They watch you in the night time but you can’t see them there
They wake you in the morning but they still don’t seem to care---

Walking on the street hearing voices in the air
Stumbling through the shadows as the people seem to stare
Outside in the open where the lonely people are
Standing in the shadows as I listen from afar
I hear their lonely voices through the shadows of my fears
Stirring my emotions in the mixture of my tears

Stare into the darkness no one seems to know
Seeing through emotions where no one else can go
Outside of the reasons on the edges of my mind
I search through lonely voices in the memory of my time
The shadows are the reasons why there is no wrong or right
They lead me to these feelings and they fled into the night
Trey: Vocal, Guitar, Bass / Fred Satterfield: Drums © PAu 2-897-439 2004