The Promise

Hey, look at every word you say
there’s people watching
as they listen to the things you do
And if you talk like you walk
Who would disbelieve you
when you say the things
that no one wants to hear

--You’re a river, you’re the time,
you’re the judgment and the crime
you’re the memory of another brand new day
you’re the rhythm, your the rhyme,
you’re there freedom in my mind
You’re the promise of another holiday--

OK, so you see the world I’m after
would you say that there’s a method
To the madness of my mind?
And if I give like I live
Who would not receive me
If I talk about the things I understand

Say, will we have a new reunion
as you play with all the shadows
in the workings of our minds?
If you decide that you need
more than everything that you believe
Will you let me dream with you
Trey: Vocal / Sean Liles: Piano/Keyboard/Bass © PAu 3-523-396 2010