The Language in Your Mind

I swim the sea of languages. I see you in your dream.
Curving hips and sugar lips, I love your sweet machine.
I ride the waves of wonder as I cling to what I find,
to understand the way the words are written in your mind.

--I don’t count the reasons why your dream should never be.
There ain’t no way that I can say your dream is not for me.--

I’m old enough and deep enough to be your gasoline.
Drink me in your mouth and then I’ll show you what I mean.
Child it ain’t no wonder I can see beyond the stars.
And I don’t doubt your story because I know just what you are.

I’m the hidden treasure, I was given to your dream.
I’m written in your story in a way you've never seen.
Darling there’s a secret way that I know how to find,
to understand the language that is written in your mind.
Trey: Vocal, Guitar, Bass / Fred Satterfield: Drums © Pau 2-952-054 2005