Restless Freedom

I blend in to the shadows by the cobwebs in my hair
The rings upon my fingers made of silver from the stares.
My clothing is the finest that my words could ever say.
I never talk about the reasons why I look this way.

My foot steps consequently walk the measure of my mind.
My thoughts in conversation all along the sands of time.
Words are spoken to me then they slowly dissapear.
I don't know the reasons why the doctor keeps me hear.

Resting in my wonder I have come from far away.
In my thoughts of restless freedom I have had nowhere to stay.
In a world of careless people I have only to survive.
Freedom is a word I'm using just to stay alive.

The water doesn't clean me because it's never cold or hot.
When I try to make this clear, the nurse gives me a shot.
I feel the dismal numbing medication in my brain,
deadening my senses so I'll never prove I'm sane.

How long will they keep me here? Will I ever leave?
I'm much more of a person than the doctor will believe.
I'm sure there was a reason why I thought the things I know.
If I could remember then perhaps they'd let me go.