Good Food!

Well I come here for my dinner, I really love this place.
I brought a little money and I'm going to feed my face.
I'm gonna choose from that menu to quench my apitite.
I love to get good food when I go out for a bite.

--- God I thank you for this food
and all your blessings are so good.
Thank you for this day you've made,
And for all that you have said.---

Nutrition is important in everything you eat.
I love to get good service when I'm sitting in my seat.
They bring me all that good food and they serve it on a tray.
They set it down in front of me and I put that stuff away.

Good food is just so tasty and I sure do love to eat,
When I go out for dinner, it sure is such a treat.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is my favorite time of day.
It's the best way I can think of to spend my heart earned pay.