The Voices

I've been hearing voices in my head. I can't believe what they have said.
The Voices got to be so real, affecting everything I feel.
I try to reach an understanding, but the voices keep demanding
That my life is full of trash, and that my confidence is rash.

And I argue with the voices, and they don't give me any choices.
They say my life is just no good. I would stop them if I could.
I try to figure what is real, but I don't know just how to feel.
And I wish that I was well, but they keep dragging me through hell.

--I'm reaching out but I'm dying.
Can't figure out but I am trying.
I've got to keep on justifying
A life that makes me feel like crying.--

It doesn't matter what I say, the voices will not go away.
What if all these things are true? What am I supposed to do?
I try to keep myself together. I can't go on like this forever.
But they keep talking all the time, I'm afraid I'll lose my mind.

Trey: Vocal, Guitar, Bass / Fred Satterfield: Drums © Pau 2-897-438 2004= PAu 2-248-879 1997 = PAu 3-362-401 2007