Silent Memory

Some dreams are made for answers. Some dreams are made for fun.
Sometimes you never know a dream until the day is done.
I will follow in the morning. I will write the righteous dawn.
My heart is deep with sorrow. The evening lingers on.

--I will never hate you for the things the night has done.
As the evening finds the morning the devil's on the run.--

When the soul of my redeemer finds a Connect that is true,
And the people of the evening know the things I'm gonna do,
I will break the heart of evil with the story of my love.
And I'll sing a silent memory to the angels up above.

When I wake into the morning and my dreams are in the sun,
I will cry for your tomorrow and my journey will be done.
I will sing into the sunshine for the day you saw me smile,
And mourn for all the memories of my mother's favorite child.
Trey: Vocal, Guitars, Bass, / Fred Satterfield: Drums © PAu 2-967-698 2005