Trey's Sayings

"It is better to be right about some things than it is to wrong about other things. "from Love to Love ya! "So test your self, if you think that what you got is life, then ok. But if you think that what you have is not life, then you need to make some changes. "If you trust in God, then you should trust God to love everyone. "I hope to say definitely that what is wrong is wrong. "I’m as pure as the dirt that I’m made of. "Money is useless. You can’t play cards with it because it is printed on both sides. "God’ll Love them. Gotta love them! "Some things grow inside of you. Other things you collect as you go. " Rock Opera: the moral implementations of a fatally attractive sunset… Walk along with God. " Fearing the worst, hoping for the best… "We had problems, but that’s all they were, just problems. "I don’t really know, but I sure do care! "I love music because of people and I love people because of music. "Evil is just another lie that hides the truth. "This isn’t Love-hate! We love love and we hate hate. "…every good thought, like panning for gold. "The devil’s lie: You hated me so much that you believed in me. "Hey Lord, fill me in where I am Holy! "Life is not worth death, and death is not worth life. There is only the resurrection of Jesus Christ. "Anything you want to talk about is fine, as long as you finish the conversation. "If I don’t seem like myself today, it’s because I’m not acting. "I agree with myself and so do I. "He is the author of forgiveness. "God will gather some of every kind, so respect all people. "Don’t take advantage of the weakness of others. "Pray among your selves for the well being of God. "How do you improve your consciousness? You work on it every day. "Every good idea is a good idea. "Christianity is a discipline that for some is well worth while. "Mr. WayGood, Mr.DidWell, Mr.WishMore,Mr.GoodWay "The Law of conversation of metaphors: Metaphors are neither created or destroyed. They only change form. The sum total of of metaphors in the universe remains constant. "God takes the least of things and makes the most of things. "The goodness of God is divided and condemned from religion to religion. "Some times you have to be wrong a few times before you are right. "Holding your heart in mine. "The treasures are divided up and scattered in to distant lands. "A character named E-mailious. "You have blanks between you and the world. Sometimes you fill them in, but you might feel afraid that other people won’t accept what you fill in. Sometimes you might let other people fill in the blanks, but you might hate what the establish. Either way, it’s yours. "It is interesting to know that a person might feel stability or safety or take refuge by holding on to or having opinions about another person or idea. Is that like building a house? "Listening to coffee and drinking music… "Swapping halves of the brain with each other… "Sometimes concern can look like anger. "Just because you have a problem does not mean you’re not supposed to get over it. "Several thoughts over time… "Nobody…Yes body "You set out to love people. Never abandon that hope, whether people love you or not. "One is the temple of his own world. "She is stupid.You cannot teach smart things to people who are stupid. They will not learn them… I like her very much, she is thoughtful. "I love you like black cherries in the orange juice of my mind. "Don’t pee you, Be you! "I didn’t like those things very much, but I loved that other stuff! I mean, man it was cool!! "It is too easy to loose it, and too hard to get it back. "The Devil said to the wise man, “I see that you believe in what is wholesome. May I believe in what you think is foolish?” "Base numerology on numbers in the Bible. Put together colors and names and numbers to practice magic. "You can never have any less. "Positive Space and Negative Space. "Sometimes you have to let a mess simply be a mess so you can clean it up, rather than trying to figure out why each thing is where it is. "I want to know what is right, not so much what is wrong. "Aha! You were wrong. Be overwhelmed by how wrong you were! Be amazed! "I don’t mind being silly, I just don’t want to be stupid. "One reality at a time… "Word in the world. World in the word. "Some of it is, but all of it is not. "A healthy dose of ‘Live-it-all’ "If you define everything, you can no longer do anything. "I wish I was a better person, not so bothered by the thoughts in my head. "Just because I’m wrong does not mean I am right. "I care so little for one who cares so much, I’m so shallow for one so deep, I’m so stupid for one so smart. "It’s a good day for good people, and that’s good for every one, because good people believe in each other. "I think that somebody loves you. "They are one and that’s all I think of them. "What he does, he does to the hole thing, so when you think about the world, you have to think about the hole thing. "That really freaks me in! "My insides are based on my outsides. "What if my insides get confused? "Smart people have more problems. "If I trust you, I will do anything you ask me to. And I will enjoy it with my heart. And I will be a friend. "Challenge One: don’t talk about food or clothing. "Challenge Two: when eating, don’t take a bite at the same time as any one else around the table. "No, it’s going to happen. Know it’s going to happen. I am No one. I am Know one! Are you? "I live in a town where you can only take right turns. "I hate people. And I hate myself, but I love the dream that we are. "Conversations already exist. People participate in them. "The worst things that could happen in the world would come from me. The best things that could happen in the world would come from me. "When the problems become the answer… "I hold no party as to define my soul. I am now open to God. God you may have free reign in my soul. "I want to make it because I have made it. I want to believe because I have believed. I want to refrain from being harmful because I have refrained from being harmful. "From the boundaries of my body to the dimensions of my mind… "Talk before touch. "A good container of good things, Not a bad container of good things, and not a good container of bad things. "I’m one of us too, I’m one of us two. I’m one of you two, I’m one of you too. "It is possible to fail, but don’t fail. "If I say love, then I must love… "It is more important to succeed that it is to fail. "Young enough to let it happen, old enough to be alright with it… "When my mistakes are your successes… when your confidence is based on my inability… "First to be trustworthy, then to be trusted… "I want to be all that I am, and I don’t want to be any that I’m not. "Know more, Know less. "If you practice ‘everything is good’, you go to Heaven. if you practice ‘everything is bad’, you go to Hell. "Find what’s wrong and correct it, find what’s right and perfect it! "There is always a reason with God. "It is never alright to do wrong, but if God didn’t forgive, He wouldn’t have anything to work with. "You will never be good enough, but you already are. "I don’t love hate, and I don’t hate love. "Borderline catastrophe disorder… "If you don’t know how to do something, don’t do it, but don’t do something stupid just to fill the space. "I don’t feel good about my mistakes, but then again, I don’t think I’m supposed to. "What is my Treasure? What is my Life? "It is profitable to let go of the bad stuff in order to grab on the the good stuff! "It doesn’t seem half as bad as it really is.