City Of Our King

©Trey Forbes

The Clouds come by and bring the rain, The sun comes out again
I’m looking at a picture that reminds me of a friend
The Tree of Life is in the yard The house is not for sale
Children’s toys are on the lawn, Bad men go to jail

Living for the future in the city of our King
Making love forever in the joy of everything
Sometimes it takes a moment to realize what it means
Living For The Future in the city of our dreams

The Minister is on his way to a meeting with our kin
Our family is much closer now than we have ever been
The neighborhood is open to a peaceful city park
We go out chasing fireflies and dancing in the dark

The Church is open Sunday and the preacher does his best
To bless the congregation, upon the Lord’s request
I’m eating chocolate cookies in the kitchen where I pray
That all the world will come to life and make a better day
Trey Forbes: Software Instruments and Vocal