You Gotta Stop

©Trey Forbes

You Gotta stop dreaming the bad dreams
You gotta start making things right
You gotta stop dreaming the bad dreams
There’s a better way to be in the night

Well I was Just in from a cold rain
I was Trying to make some sense of the dark
And she was everything I thought would be alright
But she didn’t know the pain in my heart

Well I was Angry in a world of strangers
And she touched me like I don’t know how
And I thought it was another nightmare people
You could hear the monster’s growl

She took me to the back of the parlor
There was a place where I could stay for the night
And she said there wasn’t anything evil there
Just a painting of an artist’s life
Trey Forbes: Electric Guitar, Software Instruments and Vocal
Trey Forbes/Fred Schendel: (keyboard)Drums